Wheelchair Basketball

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When you know you are an athlete a wheelchair is no longer a hindrance but more of a self propelled sports car that you use to dominate basketball with. The agility and fast pace action of wheelchair basketball is real. It makes for an exciting game and some real competition that rivals thand up basketball.wheelchairs

One of the first things i hear is “wow you guys are really into this”. Its funny but i think most people think this is just some half ass sport or competition. To us the players this is the real deal. this is our olympics or our NBA season. We play to win and do not go half speed or let up on slower players. This is a or highest level of competition, this is the epitome of what we do in a wheelchair.

So the next time you get a chance go check out a wheel chair basketball game and maybe you will have the time of your life. There wont be any fancy slam dunks or any crazy alley oops, but we will get our game on and you will see team work and some fancy passes. And probably a bunch of sweat three point shots. Ya we will run up the score a bit and mabe take a hard charge. So be ready for some excitement because you now we will bring our game.

Thanks from the athlete in me

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