Having the right Transportation

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When it comes to having the best accessories a good car of van is always key. You can have a custom built one for 70k or you can ask your friends for rides i guess. It is a situation that you can get help with ifriverside taxi zoom out you have the resources and you actually wanted to ask someone to help which is not always fun.

A good alternative is to hook up with a good car service or even better a good taxi service that specialises in accommodating you your friends and your chairs. Its nice to have the number programmed right in your phone and to know the coverage area so you always have a means of transportation. You can probably find a cab service that accommodates your needs and even gives a special discount to people with chairs. I have heard of one service in San diego that will let you run a tab and specializes in what they call handicap rates. You only pay once a month so you do not always have to have cash on you. I thought that was a cool idea.

If you think about it, you can actually save money by using the right local cab service. You do not have to buy the expensive van to get around in. You do not have carry insurance that is more expensive than most other insurance people have. You won’t have to pay crazy gas prices. of course you could get a hybrid but it seems like they do not make them big enough to accommodate wheelchair needs. Really you don’t need to park you won’t need a garage and you do not have to pay maintenance or cleaning of your vehicle.

So i think the moral to the story is, never let a wheelchair stand in your way of mobility. Look at it as a chance to save a little extra cash and still have your awesome life. Think about your options and maybe come back here and post them up and tell us what you do to get around and save some money while you do it. Ow and lock in a good taxi cab number to you cell phone.

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