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Wheelchair Accessible Transportation & Cab Service

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Today I’m here about a topic we all know too well, Wheelchair / handicap accessible transportation. Cab Services and taxi services alike rarely offer wheel chair accessibility. Luckily El Cajon Cab does, even though they are way out in the boonies. It’s tough enough for those who have to wheel chair around day to day life, and companies such as these make it a lot easier. That’s why today we are doing a shout for El Cajon Taxi Services and cab service across the US alike, to give them the praise they deserve.

If you’ve tried to get wheel chair accessible taxi service or any type of transportation service then you will know this to be true across the board. Cab Services in El Cajon and basically anywhere are lacking in wheelchair friendly accessibility. So are goal is to eventually make a list of taxi friendly cab services for handicaps. In El Cajon, CA there is only one that we know of and that’s Abe’s Best Taxi Service, a local cab company (otherwise known as El Cajon Cab). Frequenting this place if you need the extra support will truly make your life at ease.

Please help us continue to grow this list by contacting us so that we can offer further support.

It is very difficult in a cold hard world so anything extra we can do to help with transportation needs seems a bonus for us.

If you know of any taxi service that also offers wheel chair / handicap cab service support then don’t be afraid to reach out to us.

Even if you are not from East County (El Cajon, Santee, MiraMesa, etc.) and the area surrounding, we will happy put together a list of El Cajon Cab services near you to further help with this long and ongoing project. Life is already difficult; let’s make it better together one step at a time covering “taxi service” across the Globe (very ambitious, how about the United States to start and then we’ll all take it from there :)

Feel free to reach out if you have a good idea we can post and we may let you do a guest blog post! Until then, best of luck with taxi El Cajon Cab and others of the like. We look forward to speaking and hearing from and with you.