Wheel chairs that help you hit your peek

A place to find out about the newest wheel chairs for every application you could ever imagine. We are trying to cover of roading and stair climbing. We want to cover motorized and muscle powered. You may find your next toy hereMountaintrike or you may find a way to help you doggy become mobile again.  You know there is no limit to the human imagination so go ahead and write something about your dream chair you have created in your head. Or you can post pictures and schematics if you want someone to help you build that awesome wheel chair.

One of the goals of this web site is to find out about the newest wheelchairs and what their applications are. You can get involved by posting a new wheelchair you see so others can get information and possibly enhance their lives in a positive way. Even if you think the wheelchair has been discussed or you just want to talk about where to go to get one that is good information to share with this community.

Maybe you are in the wheelchair business and just want to post about your newest product or great pricing. You can give information or recommendations so others can learn more about what is available out there. Solving problems is often about educating people and giving them good information. So please take a minute to introduce yourself and post up some awesome information.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read about Peak wheelchair information and making the most of your mobile life.